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Struggling to find data for your use cases? Conjure AI uses machine learning to augment your production data with the objects you care about.

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AI has thrived off the abundance of data

But what do you do when your training samples are hard to come by or are preventatively expensive to label. This is where Conjure AI comes in.

We know the importance of using representative data, so we synthetically augment your production images with the objects that you care about.

Our motivation

We have first hand experience in how hard it can be to acquire representative data for medical, security and defense use cases. For years synthetic data has been pivitol in developing machine learning technologies in these industries.

However, little to no tooling has existed to allow these teams to generate high quality synthetic data at scale. At Conjure AI we want to revolutionise the way synthetic data is created, allowing teams to outsource its creation and automate their processes with ground-breaking AI.

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